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The dream of every young couple is a perfect wedding venue for the most beautiful day of their lives.

The dream of every young couple is a perfect wedding venue for perhaps the most beautiful day of their lives. It is a special place to which you will have pleasant memories until the end of your life, perfect service, when you can not miss a deficit. If you are preparing for the “Big Day” and are looking for an ideal location, you have already found it.

We have a beautiful location and impeccable service, where everything can be tailored to your needs. Hotel Ginkgo **** offers modern and cozy interiors with four-star comfort and services to guarantee the success of one of the most beautiful days in your life.

If you want your guests to be carelessly cared for and don’t want to make it more difficult for them to travel, we will provide a discounted room rate for guests arriving at the wedding, so they can dress up on arrival, refresh, and enjoy a goodbye the following morning.

Do not forget! All of our staff are working to remove as much burden as possible from your shoulder in the pre-wedding tension and make this wonderful day even more magical.

For consultation or inquiry, please contact Viktor Takács at +36 30 254 7770 or +36 62 532 532.

Realize your dream wedding at Hotel Ginkgo ****!


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Ginkgo Hotel Restaurant

Ginkgo Restaurant

In our spacious- and through panorama windows well-lit restaurant, you can enjoy buffet breakfast between 6:30h and 10:00h every day.

Ginkgo Hotel Bar

Ginkgo Bar

Our lobby bar on the ground floor is waiting for you with wide selection of drinks.

Ginkgo Hotel terrace

Ginkgo Terrace

On our terrace, you have the opportunity to enjoy your drink in company with a 90-year-old Ginkgo Biloba tree or just spend some time in the nature with your family or welcome your guests.


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