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The hotel located in the city center of Hódmezővásárlely, where you can find a wide range of selection from monuments, buildings, statues.

Would you like to have a pleasant dinner after a nice walk in the city? Or are you a fan for fishing or hunting? The whole team are glad to assist you to discover the area.


Hódmezővásárhely can be found in the South-East part of the Great Plain, 25 kilometers from Szeged, in the junction of Road 45 and 47.
The town has the second largest administrative area and it is a significant educational, economical, cultural and art centre of the South-Plain Region.
In the town, which has close to 48 000 inhabitants, not only infrastructural development, but cultural and art recovery have also started. The cultural roots and traditions of Hódmezővásárhely are very rich.

The area is abounding in cultural- historical sights discovered by archaeologists. They find the famous “Kökénydombi Venus” under an almost seven-thousand old station.

The calm and the beauty of the countryside attract the artists, so important and colourful art-life has realized here. The well-known Autumn Exhibition in the János Tornyai Museum is opened more than five decades, in every October.

The folk-art is unique in Hódmezővásárhely and its surrounding. The rich patterns of the embroidery, the variety of folk pottery and the hand-made work of wood carvers, leather goods makers preserve the past.

Folk is preserved by choirs, folk dance groups, and the ancient crafts have not diminished, people know the technique of net-weave, wattle and the arts of wood carvers are also high quality.

The natural appeal of Hódmezővásárhely comes from its well-location. Two determining points of its image are the magic of the Plain and the dead channel of Tisza River.

The Water Resort and Indoor Sport Swimming Pool is important part of the local sport life, which situates near the centre of the town, in green, wide area. The visitors are waited with certified thermal water, three outdoor pools, indoor pool, which suitable for international swimming- competitions, and different kind of services like sauna, massage, jacuzzi, which help in relaxing and recovering.

The surrounding is rich in waters; the Tisza River and its dead channels, the smaller lakes and private lakes give the chance for everybody who likes aquatic sports, fishing or only the natural sceneries.

More hunting associations are working in the area. The beautiful nature and its rich wildlife provide an excellent opportunity for the fans of the hunting.
In the town more horse-farms are working, where the lovers of horse-riding can be addicted to their hobbies. The best horses of the stud take part in national jump competitions, while their mates serve tourism and education.

In Hódmezővásárhely, the Plain Animal husbandry Days, Professional Exhibition and Fair and György Szent Shepherd Race are organized yearly, which events attract more hundred people and visitors to the town.

We invite everybody with pure Hungarian hospitality in our city, which is put on the map all over the world by the yearly organized cultural and art programs.


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